Sunday, March 12, 2006


Two questions which beg for answers:

1. At the Preble County Endorsement meeting earlier this month, David Smith was asked whether he has ever run for political office before, and where. His response was that he had run for the Special 2nd Congressional District Election in Ohio (2005) last summer. No mention was made of his congressional races in Utah (2002) and Tennessee (2004).

He was then asked how long he has lived in Ohio, and he responded with the fact that he works for Procter & Gamble and they move people around a lot. That answer leads the questioner to assume that Ohio is, and always has been, his "home" base, rather than the factual reply of 1 year.

QUESTION: If the Central Committee of a Republican County Party does not deserve the benefit of a straight forward response to a simple question, how can all the voters expect more if he were to be elected?

2. Based on his acknowledged political background originally posted on his website and written in letters he sent to county Republican Party Chairs:

QUESTION: If he should be the lone challenger to Mike DeWine in the May primary, and the nominee to challenge Sherrod Brown in the general election, how will be respond to the charge that he is a "carpetbagger" when both men unleash millions of dollars in TV commercials leveling the charge based on his factual history?

We have to stop beating around the bush on this issue - it is real, and DeWine and Brown will certainly use it. It is not mud-slinging nor is it "miss-information," it is documented history David Smith needs to address. Otherwise, he is setting up the false expectations of he being a sole challenger to DeWine in the primary, or a completely disastrous run on the part of Republicans trying to ensure Brown does not get into office should he, David Smith, be the Republican nominee.

William G. Pierce

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Meet the Bloggers

Podcasts of Bill Pierce's interview with Meet the Bloggers are available from the MTB site here. Transcripts are in progress and are expected to be released soon.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

News Release: Preble County

The Preble County Republican Central Committee met Thursday for purposes of endorsing candidates for the Ohio United States Senate race. All four of the announced candidates were invited to attend to present their views and to stand for questions. All candidates and / or their representatives were present .

The elected Central Committee men and women, after hearing the positions voted for their choice. In accordance with the rules, requiring a 70% majority to endorse, ballots were cast. The first ballot round failed to produce a majority, so the two candidates with he highest vote totals were presented on a second ballot. William Pierce and Incumbent Senator DeWine deadlocked, each with 50% of the votes.

The Pierce campaign considered this a victory, "To have won the endorsement would have been wonderful, but to battle a two term incumbent to a dead even tie, is a victory. We do not have a large paid staff or millions in the bank, but hard work and a message that resonates with the people, could carry the day."

Following the meeting, Pierce attempted to thank all the Central Committee members for their work and serious consideration, explaining that these are the people who turn out the vote for the Republican candidates, year in and year out.