Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Time of Choosing

Our Founding Fathers were citizen legislators; men and women who considered governing a privilege. They did not come from bastions of Political Science. They did not feel that governing was their right; they considered it a privilege. They came, did their job, and went home. They did not consider government a career, but an act of service. We have a man running for Senate right now who is of that same mold...a teacher, a businessman, a man with a servant’s heart. I am talking about Bill Pierce.

As a lifelong conservative born in the late 1970s, my benchmark for service and patriotism is Ronald Reagan. He called our nation a shining city on a hill, referring to what James Winthrop said almost 400 years ago when the Pilgrims landed. President Reagan believed that so long as we were faithful stewards, that city would remain shining. Bill Pierce was among the first in southwest Ohio to join Reagan’s revolution, heading up the Warren County campaign for The Gipper when he was not the favorite. Bill was right on it then, he is right on it now.

Bill Pierce wants to go to Washington to serve, to lead, not to be led. He wants to get things done, not dither and dawdle while resources crumble, as the incumbent does. He is not about gaining a reputation, but about building the nation. Bill Pierce has worked as an entrepreneur, an engineer, a small businessman, and as an educator. He has been out in the trenches, not in the ivory towers of Washington or corporate America.

Bill Pierce has lived in this state for over 30 years. I, for one, believe that each state is different. This is a man who is an open book, on his past, on his present, on his future. He is right up front in talking about his beliefs, even when they may not be popular with some. He has been frank, and direct when answering questions.

I urge you, as a fellow American, as a teacher, as a pastor, and as a member of the Brown County GOP Central Committee…I ask you to vote for Bill Pierce for US Senate on May 2nd. Reignite the torch of Government by, of and for the people.

God bless you all, and God bless America!


Mark E. Garbett, Jr.


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