Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why Run?

Twice last week I was told by members of the Republican Party in two counties that representatives of the DeWine senatorial staff (one being State Director Barbara Schenck) had met with them to discuss my candidacy. Both were told that my challenge of Senator DeWine is merely a vendetta due to a labor and tax issue which affected my engineering consulting firm in the 1990’s.

Let me set the record straight – my candidacy has nothing to do with a vendetta. My candidacy has everything to do with providing Ohioans with the opportunity to elect an outspoken, pro-active conservative who will stand firm for the Republican ideals of limited government. My disagreement with Senator DeWine on a number of critical issues facing the Nation is no more a vendetta than the individual who plans to vote for a challenger because of opposing views on filibustering judicial nominees, the 2nd Amendment, and the votes cast recently on drilling in ANWR and reducing the budget.

Was the Senator’s non-reaction to my plea for help correcting a double standard the US Department of Labor created bothersome to me? As a member of the Senate Labor Committee with oversight responsibilities, of course it was and still is troubling. The matter involved the creation of flextime for public employees while prohibiting the same for private sector employees in spite of an acknowledged Congressional mandate and a Supreme Court ruling calling for parity under the FLSA. Businesses across the country are still vulnerable to an attack by the DoL for offering a flextime policy to their employees which mirrors the one government employees enjoy.

It is for that reason, among a great many of other examples I have seen and heard about, that I seek to be elected as the US Senator from Ohio so I can offer my constituents and small business the support and protection they need from the obstructions established by federal bureaucrats and their obtrusive behavior. Federal bureaucrats, like all Americans, are most interested in bettering their careers; BUT the public servants do not concern themselves with ramifications of their actions on a business and its employees 1500 miles away. I will engage my time and efforts on reviving the oversight role and responsibility of the Senate.

My campaign is also built upon my out-spoken beliefs in a number of other issues:
* Permanent tax reduction to continue stimulating growth, as well as simplification of the tax code;

* Elimination of pork, and developing a real reduction in federal spending;

* Unburdening small business by reducing the surge of stifling new rules and regulations promulgated by federal bureaucrats;

* Eliminating Washington’s micro-management of education and mandates which have failed over the last 30 years to reverse the tide of a declining public educational system;

* Encouraging real dialogue in Washington to solve the problems of illegal immigration, border security, and Social Security;

* Ensuring that the President’s judicial nominations receive their “day in court” without delay by filibusters, which result in vacant seats on the bench – justice not served is justice denied;

* Enacting tort reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits that benefit nobody except the lawyers; and

* Winning the War on Terror. While Ted Kennedy and John Kerry call for the abandonment of the Iraqi people, I will pro-actively and steadfastly support the President’s Plan for Victory and the protection of democracy around the world.
As our Nation is hampered by special interest groups and their longtime bond with career politicians, I seek this nomination in the spirit of the ideals established by our forefathers – that our country will be led by citizen legislators who have experienced the real world of business and the obtrusiveness of an unhindered and bloated government.

As I have traveled across Ohio and have met the Republican Party Chairs in each county, I have made the promise that I will not attack Mike DeWine the man, Mike DeWine the family man, nor will I challenge him on ethical, moral, of character values. I will stick strictly to the important issues facing our Nation, and the ones Ohioans want to hear discussed. I ask Senator DeWine to instruct his staff to do the same.

William G. Pierce


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