Thursday, January 19, 2006

On Clermont County

News Release:
The Clermont County Republican Central Committee met Wednesday night to consider their endorsement of candidates seeking nomination for public office in the May 2 primary.

The 125 elected precinct committee men and women require a minimum of 75 votes to receive their endorsement to the people who reside in the State's 7th most populated county. Any candidate receiving 56 or more votes received a "highly qualified" designation and recommendation.

Mr. William Pierce, challenger to current Ohio Senator Mike DeWine received the "highly qualified" designation, narrowly missing the coveted endorsement. Senator Mike DeWine DID NOT receive the endorsement, as some observers have predicted, further he did not receive enough votes to obtain the highly qualified designation. DeWine, in Clermont County Wednesday morning, sent a letter asking to receive the endorsement but stated he would not be available for the meeting due to other obligations.

The Pierce supporters were buoyed by the evening’s events, feeling this was just the start of getting subsequent endorsements. Pierce has spent the last five months traveling the State with a crowded agenda of meetings with key party members and Republican workers. His supporters feel his message is resonating with the mainstream party and community leaders and that he embodies the basic Republican principles that are cherished by the majority. "Boy, this is really big...the Bandwagon is beginning to roll" one of his supporters exclaimed upon hearing the news.

Pierce For Senate Committee
Roger Gillespie, Campaign Manager


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He has mine, and there's plenty more where that came from.

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