Friday, January 27, 2006

News Release: Knox County Endorsement

William Pierce was endorsed for the U. S. Senate by the Knox County Republican Central Committee on Thursday evening. Pierce received more than the required 66% of the total votes cast by the elected precinct committee men and women on the second ballot.

Incumbent Senator Mike DeWine failed to obtain another county endorsement, Pierce carried the majority in Clermont County being deemed as "Highly Qualified" at their meeting of just over one week ago.

The Pierce campaign team was exuberant, having won the only two County endorsement meetings to date. "Our Message is resonating with the heart of the Republican Party, the elected precinct committee men and women," Pierce commented, "these are the people who, year after year, turn out the Republican votes and win elections. I am very grateful to them for their support and confidence."

In other contested races, no candidate received the required 66%, so no endorsement was made. The Central committee will advise the Republican voters in Knox County of their decision and recommendations.

Roger Gillespie
Campaign Manager
Pierce for Senate Committee


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