Tuesday, January 03, 2006

American Conservative Union on Pierce

Tim Holloway, writing for the American Conservative Union Foundation, had this to say about Bill Pierce:
Bill Pierce, teacher, engineer and entrepreneur has recently announced his candidacy to challenge DeWine for the Republican Senatorial primary in Ohio. Pierce is friendly and engaging and his passion for governmental reform and a return to governance as intended by our constitution resonates with his every word. Pierce’s experiences as a business owner and his run-in’s with the Department of Labor demonstrate how detrimental government interference in the free market can be to the small business owner. On the issues, Pierce is solidly conservative. Local conservative groups are asking for meetings with Pierce and are anxious to support him and there is also evidence that county level Republican leaders are realizing that it may be time to move on from Dewine and support a true conservative like Pierce.
Learn more about Bill Pierce's positions on a variety of topics on the Issues page of the campaign website and keep checking this blog for more commentary.


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