Monday, November 21, 2005

About the War

I met with a Republican County Chairman the other day, and along with my candidacy, we discussed the current charges that President Bush lied about the Iraqi intelligence which led us into war. He was pleased that the Administration was finally speaking out against the Democratic war of words, but I felt otherwise. It is my position that the President should stay above the fray and refuse to play the politics of gutter diplomacy.

On the other hand the Republicans in the Senate, including the two from Ohio, should be the ones to respond to the baseless charges. Their silence is shameful. The charges bring discredit to the Administration, lower public approval, demoralize the troops, and, in my opinion, aids and abets the enemy. If true, the Administration must be held accountable; but, if false the charges must be positively refuted and those proclaiming them should be censored. Just as they say lying about intelligence reports is completely unacceptable, lying to bring discredit to the Administration and mislead the American public is equally unacceptable.

Americans must look at games being played and understand the stakes. Numerous Democrats have used the “I” word – impeachment - with the attempt to suggest the President’s actions were deceitful and worthy of the Constitutional powers utilized only twice in our Nation’s history. Let’s face the facts that if evidence existed the process would already be under way, and the fact that it is not means that evidence has yet to be found. Consequently, the critics must cease and desist. To do otherwise is a discredit to our troops in the field and to honesty and integrity the American people expect and deserve. Maybe it is the reason that Congress has a lower approval rating that the President some seek to discredit.

An over-riding concern in the entire ruckus is the attempt by the left to recreate the sins of the past. I will assume it is not intentional, but their attempt to micro-manage the military with establishing troop withdrawal plans is reminiscent of the 88th through the 93rd Congress’s attempt to manage the Vietnam War. In time, we learned that it was best for the politicians and federal bureaucrats to leave war time strategy to the United States military – the most professional fighting force the world has ever seen.

Discussion and debate are necessary actions in a democracy, but the current rhetoric without cause by the outspoken critics of the Administration bring discredit to the ideal government we seek to showcase to the world. Congress must remember the time honored words of the late Senator Margaret Chase Smith who said “I am not proud of the way the Senate has been a publicity platform for irresponsible sensationalism … I want to see our Nation recapture the strength and unity it once had when we fought our enemies instead of ourselves.” We the people … want to see that strength and unity as well.

William G. Pierce


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